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feistyat40's Journal

Feisty at 40
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I have a list. 40 things to try to achieve by 40. Although time is short so I have extended my deadline to 40 things to achieve by the 2012 Olympics. It's a random kind of a date. I am asking friends and relatives to join forces with me to achieve these things, hoping to use it as something beneficial for both me and others.

Feel free to add your own lists to the community - and update us on progress.

There are rules. These are my rules, not everyone need abide by them.

1. They have to be things I can achieve by effort and dedication as opposed to by crossing my fingers or by praying hard.

2. There has to be some form of measurement, they can't be vague. For example, I can't say I want to be better at ... I need to state the criteria for "better".

3. They have to be things I want to do, not things I think I ought to do, and not things other people think I should do. I have discarded things other people expect me to put on the list if they simply don't light my fire. For example, I'm sure riding a Harley Davidson around the USA is great. Just not for me. Doesn't do it for me.

This is my list (so far)

1. Complete a week's drawing course
2. Climb Ben Nevis
3. Go on a cruise of Scottish Lochs or Islands
4. Learn to Jive (or other form of funky dancing)
5. Study for and pass History GCSE (the only one I failed at O level)
6. Study for and pass English Literature A level (if I had been allowed to take four I would have done this)
7. Stay at a health farm / spa (at least two days)
8. Learn to lead and outdoor climb
9. Visit Ireland and at least touch the blarney stone (kissing seems unhygienic)
10. Visit lapland, stay in ice hotel (if such is available)
11. Visit New Zealand
12. Finish Offa's Dyke path
13. Swimming lessons - get to a technically acceptable level at the crawl
14. Learn to surf (after the swimming lessons)
15. Have a colour / style session with professional
16. Look into (and this one is a little vague so have grouped a few things) Small Business set up (with goal of 10 years time maybe), how to become a humanist officiant, investigate fostering
17. Take singing lessons (for a reasonable duration, with the aim being to try to get nearer to singing in tune)
18. Do a week's working holiday on a farm
19. Patchwork (need to flesh out details of what)
20. Open my garden to the public including a celebrity opening (Witchy added the second bit - I like a challenge with a garden 2m by 3m. I will need to involve the local community association and see if I can get a group of gardens open for charity on the same day. I will also need to get the garden to its best)
21. Have proper portrait photo of me taken
22. Ride in a hot air balloon
23. Amateur dramatics - involvement in two productions (this can be in the wardrobe department or designing programmes, although the idea is to maybe get a small speaking part)
24. Go see a Rugby League Match
25. Mundane - finish the house to standard of best B&B!
26. Cook the perfect batch of scones
27. Make a sedum roof
28. Make home welcoming - invite people round, keep place respectable, learn card games / have DVD evenings, cocktail, whatever. Aim at having visitors at least once a month.
29. Sponsor third world child - keep up active communication and regular correspondence June 2006
30. Plan and organise 40th birthday party
31. Go to a musical (not been for 20 years)
32. Get properly measured for a bra June 2006
33. Create work of art worthy of display in my home
34. Take Advanced driver lessons and pass test
35. Go to the Malvern Spring flower show (we meant to go for years)
36. Tea at the Ritz
37. Say thank you to people - handwritten correspondence, try for once a month
38. Orient express?
39. Something giving (to be fleshed out)
40. See a Shakespeare play in his home town of Stratford on Avon